Who is the real giant in this wordless retelling of Jack and the Beanstalk? Perspective is everything in this visual exploration of what big and small can mean. Olive, the little girl climbing the beanstalk, is small in comparison to the giant who lives in the clouds. Once back on earth, however, she discovers she's a giant in her own way.

Olive was an official juried selection in the 2023 Society of Illustrator's Annual.

"Dramatic illustrations use sharp black lines and gentle shading; in a playful nod to the titular character, olive is the only color."―Foreword Reviews

"Along with giving budding critical skills a workout by inviting comparisons with the original, this inspired take on 'Jack and the Beanstalk' is sure to plant seeds of thought about how 'big' and 'little' are relative notions. A heady spin, rich in thought-provoking themes and fee-fi-fo-fun tweaks."―Kirkus Reviews

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What do we think we see as we turn the pages and how is the ending not at all what we expected? This fractured retelling of the Goldilocks fairy tale provides a perfect format for thinking about story-telling and how families can be different―and how they are the same.

Gold garnered a Kirkus Star, with several of its illustrations included as official jury selections in the 2022 Society of Illustrator's Annual and Communication Arts Annual. It was also included in The Society of Illustrators Original Art Show. Was chosen as a White Raven book, one of 200 selections made by by The International Youth Library. Official selection for the 61st annual Bologna Children's Book Fair exhibition.  About GoldThe New York Times said, "this rewritten fairy tale’s pages, are as breathtaking as they are hopeful. Alexander has turned the key on Goldilocks, unlocked her, and turned her into Gold."

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Red is on her way through the woods to visit Grandmother when she meets the Big Bad Wolf. What are that Wolf and all of those woodland creatures up to? This version of the classic folktale ends a bit differently. A delightful surprise awaits Red and readers in this wordless picture book featuring newcomer Jed Alexander’s exquisite two-color illustrations.

Red received a Starred Review from both Publisher's Weekly and Shelf Awareness. About Red, Publisher's Weekly said, "Riffs on 'Little Red Riding Hood' are many, but there’s always room for more, especially when they’re as good as this. " 

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(Mostly) Wordless

These lushly painted stories, vignettes, and character sketches are told with no or few words. Beginning with the mini-epic, "Ella and The Pirates," an enchanting tale about a little girl and her imaginary adventures as a pirate as she sails through perilous waters, has sword fights, and discovers buried treasure.

 School Library Journal
said, "Alexander depicts characters and settings with realistic detail, using a dry brush technique throughout, and the images feel timeless and classic."